IEAU Discusses Insurance Options at L.A. Meeting

LOS ANGELES — The International Entertainment Adult Union gathered last week in Los Angeles for a meeting to discuss insurance options, retirement plans and having their own credit union. 

People employed in the adult industry came in from Portland, Ore. as well as New York City and Florida to attend the meeting. 

“Before we start to collect any type of dues for memberships, we are looking to have something to offer our members first,” said Elisabeth Thomas, president of the IEAU. “We are looking to make lives a little easier for those in this business; that is why this meeting was so important.”

The IEAU will take into account all the information learned and gathered from last week’s meeting before a decision is made as to what insurance and discount programs will be offered. The credit union branches are projected to be open by the end of next year.

At last week’s meeting, the IEAU also discussed opening their own insurance company, which has been tabled until a later date. 

The IEAU will start collecting dues at the beginning of 2017. Currently, it is still free to join. 

“Joining now skips the initiation fee later, as well as a lot of the paper work that will be involved when you join,“ said Phyllisha Anne, founder of the IEAU. “We are trying to leave enrollment open and free as long as we can, but that time frame is about to run out. So please join now.” 

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