Showtime Star Nick Hawk Lands Penthouse Column

LOS ANGELES — Nick Hawk, star of long-running Showtime series “Gigolos,” is now a columnist for Penthouse Magazine. Hawk’s new column Model City is debuting with Penthouse Magazine’s October issue.

“I’m very proud of writing for the legendary men’s magazine Penthouse,” Hawk said. “It's been my favorite magazine ever since I was a teenager. Writing a column for a legit publication has also been on my bucket list. I enjoy sharing an unedited look into my life outside of my TV show ‘Gigolos.’”

The column, a spokesperson for Penthouse said, will give “the reader a fly-on-the-wall perspective of a day in the life of a gigolo.”

Hawk, who was born on Sept. 3, 1981 in Madison, Wisc., founded the company Explicit Strippers. Hawk made the switch from stripper to a gigolo in 2009, when Cowboys4Angels CEO Garren James recruited him. The following year, Hawk was approached by the Showtime series “Gigolos,” and has starred in every episode of the series’ six seasons.

In 2013, Hawk released his sex toy and novelty line, which includes a dildo molded from his actual penis, a sex position book, and more than 20 other items. In addition to his appearances and performances, Hawk has recorded 12 singles, published "Sexoirs of a Gigolo," and is working on releasing additional books.

Hawk’s fans may purchase his singles on his official website or iTunes.

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