International Entertainment Adult Union Adds 2 Chapters

LOS ANGELES — The International Entertainment Adult Union (IEAU) has announced the addition of two new chapters: the Exotic Dancer Guild and the Adult Film Crew Chapter.

“We are proud to announce The Exotic Dancer Guild and the Adult Film Crew Chapter which have been approved by the U.S. Department of Labor under the IEAU,” said Elisabeth Thomas, president of the IEAU. “We are excited to get things moving a little faster now that there are even more adult entertainment people involved.”

The Exotic Dancer Guild of the IEAU will be based in Portland, Ore., where president Lance Allen, vice president Dominique Hodges, secretary/treasurer Tina Thomas and board member Alisa Johnson live. The other board members of the Exotic Dancer Guild are Katie Kendall from Kentucky, Brian Munn from Indiana and Mark Webb from California.

“Portland, Ore. is a mecca for exotic dance clubs, so it is not surprising for the Exotic Dancer Guild of the IEAU to be based there,” a spokesperson for IEAU said.

Adult film director Rob Spallone will serve as president of the Adult Film Crew Chapter.

“Mr. Spallone is an award-winning director and producer, with knowledge of every aspect of the adult film business,” said Phyllisha Anne, founder of the IEAU. “He has spent most of his life in this industry, and we could not have found a better fit to lead the film crew.”

Officers and board members of the Adult Film Crew Chapter include president Rob Spallone, vice president Jake Jacobs, secretary Shawna Johnson, treasurer Marlene Butler and board members Cass Paley, James Crawford, Shelley Bartolini and Harry Weiss.

An IEAU spokesperson said, “We are working towards each chapter having their own website and members. However, until we have reached that point, the only way to register as a member of the IEAU is through our website Membership is still free to join.”

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