ReallyUsefulCash, MindGeek Launch

PRAGUE — and MindGeek today announced the launch of their new paysite

Earlier this year, ReallyUsefulCash and MindGeek launched, which ReallyUsefulCash said “reached the #2 spot in the Most Popular Channels list on in a little over a month after launch, and has recently clocked up 100 million combined video views.”

With, a spokesperson said, “have turned their attention away from amateur-reality and back to the sensually erotic genre, which they're also well-known for producing in such brands as,,, and”

According to ReallyUsefulCash, is “not your run-of-the-mill gym-themed porn site. What we're seeing here is something much more fresh and unique. It is vibrant, beautifully captured content with incredible models and a fantastic range of scenes, including group workouts that feature up to a dozen gorgeous girls. Members will enjoy scenes featuring yoga, aerobics, dance, ballet, weight training, and an array of different exercises before any sex takes place.”

“Back in 2013, when we created, we wanted to blend real, genuine massage with porn in a more original way,” said Lew Thomas, head of production for ReallyUseful. “We took models on a massage course before production began. We studied real massage, and we filmed in an actual high-end spa that we paid to close for the duration of production. This was because we wanted to shoot an actual proper massage before we got to any sex. This created a relaxed and intensely erotic atmosphere during shoots and led to some quite incredible sex scenes — and allowed us to create more interesting content.”

Thomas said, “We wanted to do a similar thing for, bringing together fitness and porn in a more inventive way than we'd seen before. The fitness element of the site needed to be genuine; these girls are working out for real, they are flushed, sweaty, out of breath and performing real exercises. The fitness theme is not something simply tacked onto the front of a typical hardcore sex scene. Of course, this is not a new instructional site for yoga and fitness enthusiasts; it's an adult website. However, our aim is and always has been to create something new and fresh that is fun, sexy and enjoyable for the viewer. We're very excited about what we've created in”

According to, “ certainly does look like a very distinctive new brand. The range of costumes are wonderfully colorful, and of course, there's something incredibly sexy about leg warmers, yoga pants, sports bras, head bands, one-piece costumes, lycra, boy shorts and hot, sweaty girls working out. has a lot of what you'd expect like busty girls, fit girls, big bums, toned abs, guys with chiseled physiques. But there's a refreshing look and feel behind that seems to be both modern and retro, and it all comes together to make this some very high-quality and striking new adult content.” said that “is not your traditional hardcore product; it's tailored more for an audience that has grown tired of the loud, aggressive, over-the-top, monotonous sex performed for camera that we're used to seeing. So there are a lot of passionate and intimate moments between the girls and guys, with a more natural and sensual feeling to the explicit sex scenes. But we're still treated to the exciting thrills of creampies and leg-shaking orgasms that adorn their sensually erotic network, which is very popular among couples and women.”

JT, owner and chairman of ReallyUsefulCash, said that is “our first sensual site to launch under the Mindgeek umbrella” and that “ was always on our roadmap. Lew and his team are exceptionally talented at shooting this genre of content, and I am proud to add this site to Really Useful. The energy on location while shooting these scenes is electric; the performers really enjoy shooting this different type of scene, and it really shows.”

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