ChargebackHelp to Attend European Summit

PRAGUE — ChargebackHelp will be featuring their anti-chargeback solutions at the European Summit, to be held Sept. 20-23 at the Park Hotel Praha in Prague, Czech Republic.

“Ever since its acquisition of Visa EU, Visa Inc. is cracking down on fraud and chargebacks with renewed vigor,” a spokesperson for ChargebackHelp said. “Merchants the world over now need enhanced protection for their payment processing. European merchants in particular have previously enjoyed processing above one percent chargebacks-to-sales ratios. But those days are over, and ChargebackHelp is coming to the rescue.

On Sept. 22, ChargebackHelp Co-Founder Raja Roy-Choudhury will be representing the company during a pan discussion at 2 p.m. ChargebackHelp will be sponsoring a coffee bar at the European Summit, and ChargebackHelp’s Laurel Hertz will also be attending the convention.

“Now, more than ever, it's imperative that merchants stay on top of their payment processing to prevent and fight chargebacks,” a spokesperson for ChargebackHelp said. “ChargebackHelp can recover funds from fraud and safeguard the health of your merchant accounts. We offer a free chargeback risk assessment…. Find out how our full spectrum of services can help ensure the risks you take bring the rewards you seek.”

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