YNOT Preparing For Austin Party in November

AUSTIN — The YNOT Group has been busy preparing for the YNOT Austin Party, to be held in Austin, Texas from Nov. 14-17. Although the YNOT Group has held their YNOT Party events in Mexico and Jamaica in the past, this will mark the first time a YNOT Party has been held in Austin.

“This will be a unique experience in a city that doesn’t get much play in the adult industry,” said Jay Kopita, co-owner of the YNOT Group. “Austin is a progressive place with lots to do. YNOT Party offers a great atmosphere not only for fun and adventure, but also, for business, networking and relationships. Those are what YP was founded on back in the day, and we’re bringing those days back.”

Featuring Tex-Mex cuisine as well as “honky-tonk crawls, award-winning craft beers, killer barbecue and Chicken Shit Bingo,” YNOT said, their Austin gathering will take on a “Texas twang.” Sponsors for the event include ClickCash, Affil4You, Fleshlight, FNCash, Priority Payout and AW Summit.

“We welcome not only the usual B2B folks, but also, models, cam girls, novelty companies, stores— anyone who works in any facet of adult entertainment,” Kopita said. “We’re equal-opportunity partiers, but here’s the thing: only 100 people can attend, and I’ve got more verbal commitments than that right now. Those who haven’t confirmed wristbands yet better get your asses in the saddle, or you’re going to find yourself without a horse.”

For more information, visit YNOTPartyAustin.com or follow the YNOT Group on Twitter.