Squirt.org Surveys Sexual Fantasies of College Students

TORONTO — A new survey by the gay hookup site Squirt.org found that more than half of gay and bisexual college students are fantasizing about hooking up with their professors.

The study surveyed 1558 Squirt.org members aged 18-25 in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands and other countries. Squirt.org found that 54 percent had fantasized about having sex with professors or teachers assistants, while another 25 percent had actually done it.

According to Squirt.org, 82 percent of students surveyed reported they enjoyed cruising for sex, while 57 percent said they had hooked up on campus.

“With so many young, attractive people in one place, it’s not surprising so many of them are meeting and hooking up,” said Attila Szatmari, digital business director for Pink Triangle Press, Squirt.org’s parent company. “College is about learning, understanding others and having new experiences, so it’s good to see so many of young people are taking advantage of the college experience.”

The study showed 79 percent of those surveyed said their preferred campus cruising spots were bathrooms, followed by dorms at 54 percent, parks at 42 percent, changing rooms with 40 percent and the library at 37 percent. 

“While these students are meeting and hooking up on campus, many who are long out of school can visit Squirt.org for similar experiences,” Szatmari said. “It’s the go-to gay hookup site where men can meet other men for sex, fun and friendship with the stroke of a key.”

To learn more about the study, visit Squirt.org.

Squirt.org, based in Toronto, Canada, is described as “a completely uncensored hookup/cruising site for gay, bi and curious men who want to avoid the pitfalls of dating and get right to the sex. It is the premier gay site that provides men around the world a way to meet and hook up.”

Founded in 1971, PInk Triangle Press is one of Canada's most long-running gay companies.

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