Sheri's Ranch Announces Venture With Nye County Commissioner

PAHRUMP, Nev. — The legal brothel and sex resort Sheri’s Ranch, based in Pahrump, Nye County west of Las Vegas, and Nye County Commissioner Dan Schinhofen are working together to develop 100 acres of existing land owned by Sheri’s Ranch for a nonprofit community agricultural farm over the next several years.

The initial project will include a 20-acre area of land for a vegetable garden. According to Schinhofen, “All sale proceeds or crops themselves will go to benefit the homeless people, veterans and seniors of Pahrump.”  

Sheri’s Ranch is providing the land, water, security and the initial funds to insure the success of this joint project. And Civil Wise Engineering, located in Pahrump, is donating its time and labor to provide civil engineering plans for the project.  

"Commissioner Schinhofen has spent his free time arranging the equipment and volunteers to get the grading started,” said Chuck Lee, owner of Sheri's Ranch and a former Chicago police detective. “We are pleased with the commissioner’s plan to help the community and his pledge to continue to support this ongoing project.”

Future plans will consist of a 20-acre fruit tree orchard, a 10-acre fish pond for commercial sale and 50 acres for growing alfalfa.  All revenue for this project will go to support the lower income residential community of Pahrump, a spokesperson said.

Local residents and area businesses in Nye County have volunteered their time to handle all the crops, revenue and disbursement. 

"Sheri’s Ranch is currently installing a 5000-gallon water tank for the initial phase of the project,” Lee said. “This project is a truly homegrown, community-driven endeavor that we can't wait to see come to fruition.”

Located 60 miles west of Las Vegas, Sheri’s Ranch was purchased by Lee in 2001 and was, a spokesperson said, “remodeled into a fantasyland of bungalows and specialty rooms with a variety of titillating themes. With a hotel and restaurant on the property, Lee and his exemplary staff have taken great care to maintain a resort playground with the clients’ safety, privacy and satisfaction in mind.”

Under Nevada law, prostitution is legal in some counties but not in others. While prostitution is not legal in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, it is legal in neighboring Nye County.

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