Globway Signs On As European Summit Sponsor

PRAGUE — Globway has signed on a sponsor of the European Summit, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic from Sept. 20-23. Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Globway is part of the Telefuture Group and is described as “a rapidly expanding mobile aggregator with a clear focus on billing subscriptions through premium SMS and carrier billing.”

“Don’t leave money on the table,” said Leon Dijksman, sales director of Globway. “There are customers on your site right now, ready to spend, waiting for you to offer the right payment option. Improve your mobile conversion with IVR, premium SMS or direct carrier billing.”

Globway will be in Booth G17 at the European Summit, where they will be giving away chocolate bars — one of which will contain a ticket. And the finder of the ticket will be invited to visit Globway’s factory in the Netherlands.

“We will pay for your flight and your stay,” Dijksman said. “We’ll give you a tour in our office and show you our city Rotterdam, the port of Europe. And of course, you can bring a friend, and we’ll go out for dinner and drinks.”

Globway, which will also hide 10 silver tickets for a free flight within Europe, encourages companies to check them out if they want to increase their penetration in Europe.

A Globway spokesperson said, “Are you still trying to convert Europeans on mobile devices with just credit cards? Payment preferences vary widely over European countries. There are many local alternatives, but these are not supporting recurring billing. Carrier billing is by far the best solution to convert European mobile users, and it allows you to get subscriptions.”

According to a Globway spokesperson, “Europe is a complex market. There are no European laws or regulations, and there’s no such thing as a European mobile network. Each country has its own mobile operators working with different local regulations for each country. Is it a pain in the ass to connect to Europe? You are about to deal with hundreds of different mobile operators, many different local regulations and approval cycles, and many different technical integrations. You might need some extra staff to deal with all that.”

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