Lindsey Leigh Explains Financial Domination on 'Boom Boom Cast'

MELBOURNE — Fetish model Lindsey Leigh was recently interviewed on the podcast “The Boom Boom Cast.” During the 34-minute interview, Leigh and host David Kurtiz discussed financial domination or “findom” — a type of BDSM in which the submissive is turned on by being financially exploited. 

A spokesperson for “The Boom Boom Cast” said, “The fetish model schooled Kurtiz on what findom is….. Lindsey gave an example of getting $13k from a client for just sending him three photos, which blew the host’s mind.”

“David’s show was a riot, and I’m pretty sure he’s never had a guest quite like me,” Leigh said. “It’s great to educate people about findom. It’s a real eye opener for most people. I hope to gain even more new fans around the world after they listen to the show.”

To listen to the interview, visit this link.

Leigh, who is represented by The Rub PR for publicity, is based in Denver, while Kurtiz is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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