Colby Jansen Joins Dude Dollars As Exclusive Model

BOSTON — Dude Dollars’ new managing director, Ewan French, has announced the signing of Colby Jansen as their first exclusive model. Dude Dollars, which represents the gay market, is the affiliate program for the Boston-based Online Entertainment (OE).

OE recently announced the creation of Dude Dollars as well as plans to launch, which will incorporate sports themes. A spokesperson said that Jansen, a former professional rugby player, “is playing up his passion for all things sports-related with Colby’s Crew. Colby has always wanted to work on the creative side of the business, and by signing on as a Dude Dollars exclusive, he is solidifying his bond to the team and strengthening his bid to succeed with the launch of his namesake site.”

According to Dude Dollars, “Colby Jansen will be offering his fans around the world the best of what Colby does: provide a hot and unprecedented look into his fantasy world. If jocks and sports are to be an important theme of the site, Colby’s Crew will also take on a decidedly intergenerational flavor — almost always featuring a mix of more mature, experienced men over 30 paired with younger 18 to 30 performers. As such, the site will delve into themes like office manager/intern, professor/student, coach/athlete and more.” 

Jansen said, “This Dude Dollars team is so great. I am so honored to be working with them to launch Colby’s Crew. We are bringing together a stellar cast of seasoned performers and hot newcomers that will give the site a unique flavor and market position. And now, to sign as a Dude Dollars exclusive is, for me, the cherry on the cake. I am so thrilled to contribute to Dude Dollars success with this new venture.”

French said, “Colby Jansen is a stellar performer, a shrewd businessman and an all-around great guy. We are so pleased with the direction that all the prep work has taken in developing Colby’s Crew as a unique and strong brand that will stand as Dude Dollars’ flagship site in the coming years.”

Online Entertainment is a new gay adult entertainment company created by Jonathan Crutchley, co-founder and owner of Manhunt

“Through Dude Dollars, Online Entertainment is working to build a unique library of new digital content and a world-class network of gay adult membership sites,” a spokesperson said.

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