Extend Fertility to Share Expertise on Egg Freezing at SHE NY

Extend Fertility to Share Expertise on Egg Freezing at SHE NY
Genie Davis

NEW YORK — Extend Fertility will be showcasing information on fertility as a broader topic at the next edition of the highly anticipated consumer event, Sexual Health Expo, set for Sept. 24-25 in Brooklyn.

Extend Fertility also will be discussing the process of egg freezing at Extend Fertility. The company says its goal is to make sure attendees walk away with at least one piece of new information on the process, and to help educate women on their fertility and egg-freezing options. 

Company spokesperson Gabrielle Pedriani says Extend Fertility is “thrilled to have the opportunity at SHE to educate and encourage women to make their own, informed decisions when it comes to their bodies.” She adds that the company values the ability to speak to women about their fertility and options for preserving it. “Fertility begins to decline quite meaningfully around age 30, and more rapidly each year or two in the mid-to-late 30s. But, if a woman uses eggs frozen from her younger self, her chances of getting pregnant with those eggs are very similar to the chance she’d have had using them at the time they were frozen many years earlier. Extend Fertility is the first facility devoted solely to egg freezing,” she says.

Set for Sept 24-25, SHE NY will feature the refreshing, dynamic format that has made it a resounding success nationwide. Anchored by engaging workshops presented by Sex Ed Sponsor Pleasure Chest, SHE will once again host the most sought-after sex experts and intimacy product showcases from leading manufacturers.

Tickets to the groundbreaking consumer event SHE NY are now available. Registration sponsor We-Vibe is sponsoring free admission to the first 2,000 attendees that register online.

Praised for its fresh approach by exhibitors, sex educators and consumers alike, SHE’s dynamic format has been touted by leading media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, CBS News, Vice.com, The Guardian, Playboy and Bustle, among others. 

Emily Morse, sex expert and host of iTunes’ top downloaded sex and relationship advice podcast Sex with Emily, will once again serve as SHE’s official spokesperson.

Last year’s SHE NY drew more than 2,500 attendees over the course of two days centered around education and products for achieving a better sex life.

For more event information, visit SexualHealthExpo.com or email info@sexualhealthexpo.com.