Julia Ann Leads Fight Against Proposition 60

LOS ANGELES — Julia Ann is speaking out against Proposition 60, creating hundreds of avatars for adult industry personalities and their fans to show their opposition to the proposal — which will be on the California ballot on Nov. 8.

Julia Ann’s personalized memes show an image of the performer along with the image of the “No on 60” button designed by Isabel Dresler and used by opponents of the proposed legislation. The adult star has so far created more than 400 memes for adult performers, with more than 50 new orders coming each day.

“I’ve done well over 400 avatars so far,” Julia Ann said. “My ultimate goal is to make 800, and the requests keep coming. I can't reiterate it enough: our safety and our livelihood is at risk. The public is being misled about what Prop 60 really is. I'm very protective of the hard-working, tax-paying individuals who put roofs over their heads and food on the table for their loved ones through their work in the industry.”

Julia Ann said she created the avatars after feeling “very frustrated” over how well-funded the pro-Proposition 60 campaign is. The adult star said it “was so bothersome to know that we just can't compete with that type of campaign since we don't have the financial means. However, the adult industry has cultivated an extreme social media presence, and I thought a grassroots effort could shed light onto what is really happening for us and how we truly feel. So, I sat down with the ‘No On 60’ buttons that were already created and formed social media templates so we could educate voters and raise awareness about on our opposition.”

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