FetishArtist.net at La Luz De Jesus Coaster Show

LOS ANGELES — Jay E. Moyes, founder of FetishArtist.net, will be showing three fetish/BDSM pieces as part of the La Luz de Jesus Coaster Show in Los Angeles. The group show will open this Friday, Sept. 2nd and run through Oct. 2.

Invited artists, a spokesperson for Moyes said, “create a variety of pieces on four-inch-wide beer coasters. The result is a great opportunity for those looking to start collecting art with affordable works by new and upcoming artists.”

The maximum price for each piece is $250, with many works going for $100 or less.

Moyes will have three fetish/BDSM-themed pieces in acrylic on display: a double-sided latex femdom piece called Good Slave, a ballgag scene called Purple Pain, and a high heel scene called Reflections of Femdom. Most of Moyes' known fetish work is in pen and ink, but the artist has been moving more and more into color acrylics.

"It is a great honor to be invited and accepted to show at La Luz de Jesus," Moyes said. "This show amazes me. I was concerned about going too far, but there are others here pushing boundaries of erotica, fetish and gender-bending themes. Many kind thanks to Matt Kennedy and Billy Shire for having me."

A Moyes spokesperson said, “La Luz de Jesus is no stranger to the fetish scene and the adult industry. Skin Diamond, April Flores and Belladonna are frequent shoppers.”

Gallery Director Matthew Kennedy said, “This isn't the same old crop of folks you see in every group show across town. There are a lot of participants who we, quite frankly, can't believe we got to participate — especially considering the $250 ceiling price. Whether you love beer or don't, the art will blow your mind.”

The opening reception will take place this Friday, Sept. 2 from 8:00-11:00 p.m. at 4633 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. And there will be a closing party on Sunday, Oct. 2 from 12 noon until 6:00 p.m.

Pre-show sales are available. Contact Kennedy at info@laluzdejesus.com or (323) 666-7667 for purchase information. 

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