Hypnotic Dreams Announces Sale on Erotic .MP3s

LOS ANGELES — Hypnotic Dreams will be offering their erotic hypnosis .mp3s for women at 20 percent off from now through Sept. 15.

“Hypnotic Dreams' erotic hypnosis MP3s are audio stories told with sophisticated hypnotic language patterns that drawn the listener deep into a trance, where she can experience every desire and sensation being described,” a spokesperson for Hypnotic Dreams said. 

With the .mp3s, Hypnotic Dreams said, the user can “experience near-realistic fantasies of seduction, obedience training, BDSM, light bondage, dominance and submission.”

According to Hypnotic Dreams, “Some MP3s are purely for entertainment. But some use erotic hypnosis and NLP to synchronize the mind and body for increased sexual desire and pleasure with real-life lovers. Some contain intense dominance and submission scenes and post-hypnotic commands for real-life sexual submission. Many also include positive affirmations and post-hypnotic suggestions to help the listener free themselves from sexual inhibitions, achieve deeper arousal, greater pleasure, and more intense orgasms with real-life partners. But every one is designed to entertain and enhance your sexual pleasures.”

To listen to samples, visit HypnoticDreams.com.