XCrave.com Announces Revamp, Addition of Tribute Offering

LAS VEGAS — Social wish list site XCrave.com has announced a revamp. XCrave now offers fans the ability to send their favorite performers and models gift cards through the site.

“Beta-testing XCrave’s social wish list means we have been able to respond quickly to requests for new options and upgrades by both models and their fans,” said Michael Craven, president and CEO of XCrave. “Upgrading the front page navigation and integrating a Pinterest-like setup in each profile so they can showcase their wish list is a big part of that revamp. And now, in addition — for models to make commissions on the gifts their fans purchase, without the worry of chargebacks and privacy violations like some other adult wish list sites have experienced — fans can now directly send gift cards as tribute.” 

According to XCrave, “Similar adult wish list setups, which offer a way for entertainers to receive gifts from their fans and supporters from their personally curated list of items, have recently experienced a high rate of chargebacks. The ultimate downside of this is where the entertainer, after receiving a high-ticket item as a gift, often also experiences a request from the wish list site to return the item when there has been a chargeback.”

XCrave said that their “social wish list setup protects the privacy of the entertainer’s shipping address and also, mitigates chargebacks by including a verification system — which forces the fan to prove that he or she is indeed the person making the purchase. This makes it incredibly difficult for them to later file it as a fraudulent charge on their card; as a result, purchases are guaranteed, and the entertainer doesn’t have to worry about being asked to return their gift.”

XCrave said, “In addition to state-of-the-art privacy settings and chargeback protections, XCrave’s social wish list setup also offers something extra for entertainers: the ability to be their own affiliate marketers. Not only can models and performers suggest their wish list of preferred and favorite items to their fans, they can also earn a percentage of the sale as a commission.”

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