Julia Roca Featured in Virtual Taboo Latex Fetish Scene

BARCELONA — Virtual Taboo have announced the release of their latest video shot for virtual reality: the latex fetish-themed "Catex," featuring Julia Roca and Sylvan.

"Catex," a scene created and directed for Virtual Taboo by veteran Spanish actress/director Silvia Rubi, finds Roca portraying the role of an evil Catwoman who has kidnapped and restrained the male actor, Sylvan.

Marcos Lopez, director for Virtual Taboo, said, "We've had requests for a latex-based fantasy scene, but as a director, I did not have a lot of expertise in that particular fetish. We had worked with Silvia Rubi previously, and I immediately thought that she would be perfect to create this type of scene for us. Silvia has a great deal of experience with fetishes and was really a great fit for us on this project.”

The virtual reality movie explores two points of view: an opening sequence viewed from a third-person perspective, and the main scene — which was shot from the point of view of Sylvan wrapped in stretch wrap restraint as he is toyed with by Roca, who is featured in a black latex catsuit.

Describing their future plans for more taboo-themed or fetish productions, Lopez said, "We just want to gauge the public interest on this kind of material, seeing how scarce fetish content is right now in the VR market. If the reception is good, we will continue exploring extra productions like this one in the future."

Rubi said, “Filming for Virtual Taboo has been a challenge. The moment I received the proposal to direct a scene with latex fetish content, my mind couldn't stop imagining a beautiful body exhibited in a latex catsuit. I had the actor casting ready really fast, and the dressmaker tailored for Julia Roca a gorgeous latex catsuit with multiple zippers so that she could have sex while sweating and enjoying the touch of the latex.”

According to Rubi, "Directing the actors was not easy because there was a lot of emotion in the air, and we even started filming late. But the fact that both the actors and crew liked the script so much made it so I didn't have to be as much of an authoritarian, and I did let them play more than I usually do. This was my first experience directing a virtual reality scene, and I hope to learn from this and make the next videos memorable."

Adult VR movie review website 3DPornReviews.com rated "Catex" a 10/10, saying, "Julia Roca is unbelievably sexy as always, and sells the role of a slightly evil latex-clad catwoman perfectly here. I also appreciated the creativity from Silvia Rubi with fleshing out the overall concept behind Catex, eliciting an engaging performance from Julia while taking us as viewers out of the normal vanilla boundaries we generally get to experience in VR porn with a very simple but effective scene that hits all the marks it should."

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