LELO Reports Success of HEX Condoms Launch

LELO Reports Success of HEX Condoms Launch
Ariana Rodriguez

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Swedish designer brand LELO concluded its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and LELO.com to debut LELO HEX, the condom re-engineered.

LELO also launched a two-month “HEX Appeal” project that aimed to “revolutionize the world of condoms for good.” The campaign raised more than $1 million and has nearly 30,000 backers from around the world.

According to LELO, HEX Condoms has resonated with people worldwide. The company reports that LELO HEX Indiegogo backers were 73 percent male and 27 percent female, and backers came from 113 different countries around the world. The company also reports that nearly 70 percent of the backers were millennials.

“If rolled out and placed end to end, all 600,000 HEX condoms purchased through the crowdfunding campaign would measure 75 miles long,” the company said. “If all HEX condoms were ejaculated in, LELO will have collected 586 gallons of semen.”

LELO HEX is structurally different from other condoms on the market and it aims to address the most common complaints people have with condoms — they slip, reduce pleasure and break too easily. The condom is integrated with 350 individual HEX-agons through its ultra-thin latex surface to help it perform different from other condoms today. The design choice allows HEX to mold to the uniqueness of the wearer and reduce the chance of slippage.

Filip Sedic, inventor of LELO HEX and founder of LELO said, “The journey is only beginning for HEX. We've intrigued 30,000 people to make a change and now HEX has been confirmed to start launching in retail stores around the world. From the media attention, to the interest from retailers, from the genuine interest of the public, we can see that a change was needed and people are excited for a genuine innovation. A real game changer. We are incredibly proud of our team for accomplishing the mission we set out to tackle seven years ago and we are improving the world’s sexual health by producing innovations in condom technology and design that the world has never seen before.”

HEX is available to order now. Retailers can contact usa@lelo.com for more information.