WankzVR Features Stevie Foxx in 'GFE: Lingerie'

WankzVR Features Stevie Foxx in 'GFE: Lingerie'
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — WankzVR has announced today’s release of its latest virtual reality title, “GFE: Lingerie,” featuring Stevie Foxx.

Tommy Gunn serves as the VR users’ male avatar in this scene, where Foxx returns from lingerie shopping to show off all the cute bras and sexy panties she bought.

According to WankzVR’s Jack T., “GFE” or girlfriend experience is a sub-genre of VR porn that is quickly gaining popularity among users.

“Aside from giving [VR] users the requisite sex experience, ‘GFE’ also stimulates users in an emotional sense by adding little touches such as intimate ‘kissing’ and ‘touching,’ creating the feeling of closeness through close-ups and deep, longing eye-contact and other subtle cues,” Jack T. explains. “‘GFE:Lingerie’ definitely brings an added layer of needed intimacy to the VR porn experience.”

The title is Foxx’s first VR performance.

“My overall VR experience with the WankzVR team was one of the most fun on set yet,” exclaims Foxx. “VR is a brand new experience for me and we gave quite the show. The set was lively and silly, but still very professional.”

Foxx says that VR is the next big thing, calling it “sci-fi like and almost mind-blowing to film.”

“I’m sure that once you've done enough of it, it doesn’t seem so crazy, but the idea of someone getting to [have sex with] me on a more wide-angled 3D view is powerful. It allows my fans to feel more and experience porn in a more realistic way … in a more emotional way. This is uncharted territory here,” Foxx adds. “Porn is always looking for new plots or moves to make in the scheme of dialogue, settings, etc. VR is therefore the next new move in the industry. We all want to feel that PSE and now we can as closely to the real thing as possible.”

Gunn also sees a difference in virtual reality porn versus traditional porn shoots, and really enjoyed shooting with Foxx.

“VR shooting is very different from the typical filming of a traditional scene, in that the male talent is behind the camera in a POV setting,” Gunn explains. “At first, it’s a bit difficult do, but Stevie’s performance made it go really smooth. She has a great screen presence and is very into it, along with being super attractive.”

“Working with the WankzVR crew made for a very low pressure, easy day for me with the only difficult part being stuck behind the camera (laughs),” Gunn adds. “All in all, my experience was great and I would love to do this again. The immersion that the viewer will experience is really intense and that's what makes the VR stuff so different and awesome.”