London's Pleasuredrome Announces Website Redesign

LONDON — Pleasuredrome, London’s 24/7 gay and bisexual spa and sauna, has announced the redesign of their official website, which features a new gallery section as well as their 2016 promotional video “Can’t Sleep.” The gallery showcases all of Pleasuredrome’s photo shoots since 2010 and features 24 models photographed by Johan Cloete.

Written and directed by filmmaker Chris Amos and filmed and edited by Darren Henson, “Can’t Sleep” celebrates Pleasuredrome’s 20 years of business and the rollout of their new deluxe pods. The video features models Marshall Arkley, Danny William and Jaider Bello Carmona, who are seen relaxing in the spa and sauna before heading to the new Pleasuredrome deluxe pods.

Pleasuredrome’s deluxe pods, rolled out this year, can be rented for between two and eight hours. Each pod features controllable lighting, a plug point for charging up a smartphone or tablet, and large flatscreen wi-fi TV from which one can view hundreds of channels or engage with social media. Pods are private and secure, with hotel-style door entry control.

Pleasuredrome, open 24 hours per day and seven days per week, is described as “the only gay venue in the United Kingdom that never closes.”

Pleasuredrome is located on Cornwall Rd. at the corner of Sandell St. in Waterloo, London, SE1 8XE only two minutes from the Waterloo Tube station in the London Underground.

For more information on Pleasuredrome, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.