Wordwooze to Release Audio Versions of Ralph Greco's Work

LOS ANGELES — Jim Loftin, CEO of Wordwooze Publishing and publisher of e-book erotica, has announced his plans to create a catalog of audio book erotica using authors both inside and outside his stable.

A spokesperson for Woodwooze Publishing said that Loftin, having already published Ralph Greco, Jr.’s “Oh, Those Darn Dominant MILFs” as both an e-book and audio book, approached Greco for more of his titles — including those he published with the e-book publisher Renaissance eBooks and their erotic arm Sizzler.

According to Woodwooze Publishing, “Greco proudly boasts a bunch of erotic books published through Sizzler, run by publishing legend Jean Marie Stine. In fact, Stine’s was the very first house Greco placed his books with. Greco has since been published by many houses in America and abroad in anthologies, stand-alone author collections and online.”

“I'm open to any cooperative publicity and/or symbiotic working arrangement with Sizzler and Jean Marie,” Loftin said. 

Starting with scripting the six individual, 10,000-word novelettes that make up the full “My Heart Belongs To...: A Novel of Age Play” from Sizzler, Loftin will eventually take all of Greco’s many erotic titles with Sizzler. The first of the audio books will be narrated by Jazmin Kensington.

“Until relatively recently, very few publishers of erotica converted the titles in their portfolios into audio books,” Loftin said. “But the proliferation of smartphones and iPad-like devices with audio apps seems to be encouraging an increase in the number of erotic print and e-books now also available in audio format. Amazon.com is poised to further exploit the audio book market with its subsidiary Audible.com, so I feel the number of erotic audio books being produced is bound to increase. Capitalism at work, with the consumer as the winner!”

To view the complete Wordwooze catalog, visit Wordwooze.com.

To view the complete Sizzler catalog, visit SizzlerEditions.com.

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