Vuier Unveils Storefront Builder

Vuier Unveils Storefront Builder
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Vuier has announced the launch of its free Video Website Builder, intended as a transparent, user-friendly solution for profitably monetizing live and prerecorded video content.

According to the company, as its user base expanded, so did the needs of many of its clients, including those who found Vuier’s streaming solutions an easy way to capitalize on their social media followings. 

When Vuier’s CTO, Mark R. asked why individuals and companies with notable brand power had no legitimate websites to further promote themselves, he heard a common response, “[we] don’t have anyone to build a site for us and we don’t know how to do it ourselves.”

Fast-forward several months, and today the Vuier Video Website Builder offers a platform for creating custom websites. This free storefront generator features built in backend data delivery and automated billing, so those who sell clips with the VOD product can now own entire websites to drive fans to.

“Vuier is, and always has been about simplicity,” said Mark. “We created this to enhance the overall brand awareness and brand expansion of our users who are already astute when it comes to using Vuier’s current offerings — it was the next logical step for us when expanding our portfolio.”

“We have seen too many incredible content producers throw their hands up in the air in defeat because of web development issues. There is no reason to give up on your hopes and dreams of having a website because you don’t know how to code or who to hire,” Mark explains. “The beauty of this [is that it is] extremely easy to use. You can have your own site up and running in a matter of minutes.”

Mark says it is easy to get started, only requiring clients to provide a domain to Vuier for initial set up. 

“From there, you customize your landing page as desired,” Mark says. “Next, you populate the content by simply copying and pasting in the form fields.”

Mark explains that when using this platform, all of the content is easily discoverable by fans.

“You can add tags, models, categories as well as participate in the company’s affiliate program to generate revenue from other Vuier users’ content (when permitted by the producer),” said Mark. “Vuier gives access to your viewer data for further promotion and all of your sales are automatically accounted for and flow into your Vuier account.”

“We are thrilled to be offering this to our users. Our test-models proved positive and increased their revenue exponentially,” Mark concluded. “We look forward to seeing this segment of our business fuel many more people’s dreams.”

Vuier Video Website Builder is available for all active Vuier VOD or Live Streaming accounts.

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