POPDildo Now Available at Good Vibrations

BOSTON — Berman Innovations’ POPDildo is now available at Good Vibrations, including their Northern California stores in Berkeley, Oakland and Palo Alto as well as their store in Boston —where Berman Innovations is based.

“Good Vibrations was one of the only adult retailers I knew when I entered into this industry, and it was always a goal of mine to have POP offered in their stores,” said Stephanie Berman, CEO of Berman Innovations. “With their focus not only on education, but providing customers with a safe and sex-positive environment, they were an ideal retailer for POP and its many utilizations. I’m thrilled POP is now available in all of their locations, including the one in my home town.”

Coyote Amrich, product and purchasing manager for Good Vibrations, said, “We are really excited to be able to offer POPDildo at Good Vibrations. Yes, this dildo is a great option for cis-female couples looking for a more intimate path to insemination, but it’s not just about reproduction. POPDildo is about intimacy, pleasure, creativity, connection, and fun. There are so many ways POPDildo fits into a couple’s life; baby-making is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Berman Innovations’ flagship product, The Semenette, is a novelty intimacy product that allows partners to recreate the ejaculation process in the privacy of their own home through its proprietary inner tubing and pump system. Stephanie Berman herself is the first of many Semenette success stories: Berman and her wife successfully used the product to conceive their daughter and son. 

Berman Innovations teamed up with German pleasure products manufacturer Fun Factory this year to introduce The Seminette's second iteration, POPDildo. By incorporating Fun Factory’s pleasure-focused shape, built for G-spot and prostate play, with the technology of the original Semenette, POPDildo is a novelty product for consumers from a wider variety of communities.

Stephanie Berman said, “The customer demand for our refill kits, and especially our large bulb option, has been incredible. Coyote was immediately on board to make that option available in their stores, which is a testament to how mindful they are of their customers’ wants and needs.”

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