Fetish Hits Announces Upgrades to Network

Fetish Hits Announces Upgrades to Network
Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — Affiliate program Fetish Hits today announced upgrades to its entire network, which includes more than 100 live cam, dating and porn sites.

Many of the regular tours of sites like Amateur Bangers or X Group Sex X have been redesigned, according to Toni of FetishHits.com.

In addition, Toni said, the sites have been updated to include a responsive design for all devices.

Perhaps the best update, Toni noted, is that the program added video-on-demand site Adult Matrix to the network. Adult Matrix has 319 new MP4 hosted videos available for download which can also be streamed in an HTML5 embedded video player!

“Fetish Hits offers the best porn sites, cam sites, dating sites and even sex toy sites. We are excited to offer even more amazing content and features for both affiliates and those who use our porn and cam sites,” Toni said.

Fetish Hits has more than 20,000 affiliates involved in its program. Toni said that one reason why the program is popular is because it offers “many different ways for affiliates to capitalize on the traffic and conversions they send, with pay per signup and revenue sharing options to choose from.”

“Fetish Hits puts affiliates in control, while providing top-quality content and live cams for their users,” he said. “This is the reason Fetish Hits has been around and growing consistently since the company was started in 2001.

“We are proud to provide great content, and also to provide our affiliates the opportunity to grow with us. These updates improve conversion rates for our affiliates and make our network even more valuable for affiliates and fans.”

With the new upgrades, Toni predicted that conversions and sales will “become even easier for affiliates seeking to cash in with a modern network that continues to upgrade and improve.”

To sign up, go to FetishHits.com.