Complete Ad Platform For Sale Via Adult Site Broker

BANGKOK — Adult Site Broker has announced that it is offering for sale “a complete real-time bidding ad server platform.” The price is $260,000.

The platform, according to Adult Site Broker, is “ready to power either an ad network” or “an in-house ad-serving system” — and also, it can serve as “a white label that can be offered to other companies to set up their own ad server.”

“This full-featured, enterprise level ad server platform has already been used by major companies in this space with success,” Adult Site Broker said. “In the approximately two years since initial release, it has served billions of ads - with blazing speed and virtually no downtime.”

According to Adult Site Broker, “The system supports text ads Google style, popups, popunders, referral links, banner ads of any size, iframe ads as well as custom ad types like image and text ads for content sites.”

Adult Site Broker said, “Advertisers enjoy flexible targeting options for each campaign, like device, OS, browser, geo and time of day as well as day of the week. Ad sellers have full control over minimum bids per zone, which can be set at the country level, as well as robust near-real-time reporting.”

According to Adult Site Broker, “Self service and advertiser and ad seller registration is easy, so the amount of time required to manage a robust network of thousands of advertisers and publishers is minimal. Easy approvals of new advertisers and ad sellers as well as reviewing and approving new campaigns make it simple.”

Adult Site Broker said, “The hardware stack that is currently powering the system is designed to handle a billion impressions per month and is built to be easily scalable from there.”

The hardware stack includes: 2 X Dell 810, 5 X Dell 2950, 1 X Dell R900 and 2 X Cisco 3750.

The software stack, according to Adult Site Broker, “is built on node.js, Nginx and Postgres, making it super-fast at serving ads — with high levels of horizontal scalability and extremely predictable performance under high loads.”

Adult Site Broker said, “Since the development group that built the platform are partners in the business, arrangements can be made to retain their services after the sale for any ongoing customization and support. The sale includes the complete ad platform, the complete hardware solution that it runs on and the two domains — and the WordPress sites the platform currently uses.”

For more information on the offer, see Adult Site Broker’s NDA.

Adult Site Broker was established in 2011 with, it said, "a singular goal in mind: to help buyers and sellers of adult websites, affiliate programs and domains get together in the easiest way possible."

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