ECN Says On-time Delivery Rate Is Near Perfect

ECN Says On-time Delivery Rate Is Near Perfect
Rhett Pardon

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. — Deliveries originating from East Coast News warehouses in New Jersey, Florida and California during the past five months were received punctually by recipients more than 99 percent of the time, the company said today.

“We are extremely pleased with how FedEx has performed these last few months,” said Kevin Guilford, sales manager at East Coast News, a B2B adult wholesale service.

“Having such an amazing on-time delivery rate doesn’t only benefit ECN, but also the customers receiving the orders. A faster delivery means fewer days in inventory, allowing us to constantly replenish our stock.”

East Coast News is one of the largest distributors of adult toys, novelties and accessories in the U.S. The wholesaler offers a selection from more than 30,000 products from more than 150 manufacturers.

The announcement over delivery times comes after execs from East Coast News and its sister companies met last week in Princeton, N.J., for the company’s annual management meeting.

During that meeting, FedEx provided a delivery timeframe analysis report for East Coast News and all associated companies.

For the time period of March through July, all deliveries from the three East Coast News warehouses were delivered on time 99.2 percent of the time, the company reported.

Further, the company said, retailers that bought via distribution received products on-time 99.6 percent of the time via FedEx Ground, while East Coast News’ drop-shipping service was delivered on time 98.1 percent of the time via FedEx Home Delivery,  

FedEx also reported that the average time spent in transit for orders shipped via FedEx Ground was only 2.39 days, with almost 62 percent of all orders being received in two days or less, the company reported.

East Coast News said it attribute the percentage gains to two main reasons.

“One, having warehouses that carry the same products in three prime areas of the U.S. allows for a much quicker turnaround,” the company said. "Customers have their products shipped from the warehouse that is closest geographically to them.

“Second, FedEx is constantly working to improve their delivery times, and always coming up with new and innovative ways to do just that.”

Guilford, the sales manager at East Coast News, noted: “Meeting and exceeding customer deadlines drives home our motto — our world revolves around our customers.”