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DJ Darcie Dolce Crossfades Into Boy/Girl XXX With Marc Mojo

DJ Darcie Dolce Crossfades Into Boy/Girl XXX With Marc Mojo
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Aug 12, 2016 4:13 PM PDT    Text size: 

LOS ANGELES — A vixen in vinyl, Darcie Dolce spins hot wax on the disc jockey deck the way she drips candles on starlets, jockeying for pornographic power like a Triple Crown jockey. Rivaling other riders alongside her ride-or-die husband Marc Mojo, Dolce will perform her first-ever boy/girl scenes via threeway action in their aptly named “Hump My Hubby” series. 

In an XBIZ exclusive, the Bonnie and Clyde duo laid out their track list for the newly minted Dolce XXX series, which strikes a balance between their studio’s satin-soft girl/girl “Kitty Kisser” and grungy “Hostel Hoes” content. In the first “Hump My Hubby” episode, they envision rolling up in a Rolls Royce to a liquor store, where they seduce a young schoolgirl to skip her homework and engage in ménage à trois loving.

Backed by the bass line of a mystery investor and self-funded ambitions, Dolce and Mojo are amped to hit fever pitch climaxes with pitch perfect sexual symphonies. That the adult star is already synthesizing high-profile feature dancing, flashy DJ gigs and the responsibilities of running a studio proves she has what it takes to play the long game. Tenacity. Conviction. And a healthy respect for the local dons.

“I started modeling and acting when I was about 12 years old, a little over 10 years ago,” Dolce said, hitting the rewind button. “Did some work, nothing really that concrete, but it was a good experience that helped me get where I am now.” Once she met famed photographer and director Holly Randall, the needle hit the record. “We kept in touch and she ended up getting me in a Twistys shoot about a year ago, and I’ve been in the business ever since. I’ve shot, god, how many girl/girl scenes? Like 70. I’ve worked with Girlsway, with Twistys probably the most out of everyone, Brazzers and Digital Playground. I was one of the finalists on DP Star, but I didn’t win it because I don’t do boy/girl and they wanted a boy/girl contract.

“And then, I was named Penthouse Pet for February 2016,” she added, proudly reminiscing about attaining album cover immortality on the legendary magazine’s glossy front page. “I always wanted to be a centerfold, like my whole life — like a Sports Illustrated spread, but I’m too short for that, haha. And my goal with Penthouse now is to be Pet of the Year for 2017.”

Dolce has also struck all the right chords when it comes to directing, thanks to Filly Films. She conducted “The Lesbian Landlord,” starring alongside first-string G-string fiddlers August Ames, Morgan Lee, Megan Rain and Ash Hollywood. “Dion, the owner of Filly Films, got me my first directorial gig and I think that’s really cool," she enthused. "And they also put me in several scenes for their films. They’re awesome there. I love them.”  

However, before she ever flicked her fingers across those Sapphic ivory keys in pornographic piano concertos, she was more focused on turntablist DJ scratching. “For about three and a half years now, I’ve been a DJ,” she related, beat mixing the past and present with ease. “I did it before I moved to Los Angeles from Sacramento, usually doing house music. I mean, I’ll spin pretty much anything, but house music — like deep house — is more my specialty. I just like it. I like the people and I like the vibe. I love the music, I really truly love the music and I feel like I belong there. It fits with me and I’m good at it.”

No matter the genre in which they coordinate performances, Mojo plays a bona fide marital medley with his wife. As the master of ceremonies, he often manages her affairs with the deftness of a Guns N’ Roses roadie — looking every bit the part too. As her consummate sergeant-at-arms, he occasionally sits back to enjoy the view, watching the crowd’s reaction to his wife’s beats.

“What I like to see is when she comes into a place, they don’t see her as the DJ,” he remarked with a wry grin. “They overlook her and then she gets behind the deck and they’re like ‘oh shit, she’s good!’ I like to see how she rearranges the perspective of people, because she’s skilled.” Burly and tatted, the ponytailed hulk certainly seems capable of rearranging their faces if perspectives don’t change. But, he makes sure to keep that biker outlaw within chained up tight, instead opting for a soft-spoken Machiavellian approach. It works.

Dolce concurred with her husband’s observations. “It’s so fun to prove people wrong if they think ‘oh you’re cute and you got big boobs but you’re like the fake DJ.' And I don’t even use a computer! So many DJs today use a computer, because the technology’s great. It’s like comparing the cameras from 30 years ago to now, when they’re all digital. I mean, everything is digital now, so people often don’t come to the club with a creative vibe at all.

“They just don’t and I think a lot of it has to do with how much easier it is to just download a track on your MacBook — as opposed to going to Amoeba Music and getting bunches of actual records, then listening to the whole album,” she underscored. “It’s just a different world. But I like it and I learned the old school way, like learning how to mix with your ears as opposed to using your computer to mix for you. Because you know when you see a DJ with a computer that they’re using Serato software or something like that. And you can see the sound waves on it, move and blend them together, but it’s like training wheels for DJs. I didn’t want to do that.”

Mojo admires his wife’s evolution as a DJ over the years, as she fine-tunes every digital and analogue dial. “I’m from the music industry and I was critical of her craft, but people were giving her a hard time initially because she used Serato,” he said. “The house music DJs are more into the vinyl and the art, whereas hip-hop is whatever’s popular. So, she got rid of the computer and let it be all about skills. That’s where she actually prevailed and she excelled. That’s what sets her apart from other female DJs, is she’s able to use skill, not the screen.”

Dolce’s stage presence also harmonizes well with a stripper pole, where she can writhe and vibrate with all the vibrato of an operatic tenor. “I started feature dancing at the beginning of the year and I’ve been to several cities already,” she related. “It’s really fun and it’s a great way to meet fans, make some money. I also did a feature with August Ames recently. I never was a dancer before either, so I started off taking classes in pole dancing. Not burlesque, mind you, the more sexy kind of dancing — striptease.”

Chiming in, Mojo mused, “What’s funny is I travel with her and I was watching from a distance one night, when a guy said 'she’s not like the other strippers.' I explained to him that she’s a porn star, not a stripper. He goes ‘oh, so she’s a fucker!’ Damn right she is. The best."

On that note, Dolce confessed, “Scissoring does not feel good. I know it looks good and guys think it looks hot. The only girl I’ve worked with who gets off scissoring was Abella Danger.” Another talented co-star she enjoys shooting with is Jesse Jane. “We did a girl/girl with Jules Jordan recently,” she said. “I’ve been wanting to work with Jules Jordan pretty much the entire time I’ve been in the industry. I like his work and I’ve been a Jesse Jane fan for a long time, so I was very excited about that.”

When asked about her strongest shoots, she plugged, “There was a scene for ‘Sex and Confidence,’ a Digital Playground DVD. Robby D. directed it and I was with Aidra Foxx — that was just a really good scene. I'm also directing a new Filly Films movie, ‘My First Black Girlfriend,’ starring Chanell Heart and others we’re still nailing down, no pun intended. Those are all solid, especially the threeway in ‘The Lesbian Landlord’ with Morgan Lee and Megan Rain, when I was evicting them. Also, ‘No Man’s Land: Raunchy Roommates’ from Metro and ‘Twin Flames’ from Penthouse, each of which I was the cover model for.” Mojo emphasized that Dolce has been on quite a few box covers. "In the year that she’s been in the industry she’s gotten 10 box covers, which… that’s a big deal for a girl/girl only performer," he said.

Shifting the conversational rhythm to their plans for Dolce XXX, especially the upcoming “Hump My Hubby,” Mojo delineated, “One commonality in all of the scenes is going to be a close-up of her mouth whispering ‘humpy my hubby’ in the girl’s ear. Reinforce the brand, you know? The only other series we have public right now are ‘Kitty Kisser’ and ‘Hostel Hoes.’ The cast is A-list for ‘Kitty Kisser,’ for which we’ll begin shooting mid-August. Overall, Dolce XXX basically produces gonzo meets lipstick lesbians — beautiful porn.”

As for the cast of “Hump My Hubby,” they remained cryptic, keeping the LP on the DL. “It’s gonna be threeways with me and Marc, and another girl,” Dolce stated. “We have a couple girls that are going to be used and I’m really excited about it. It’s under wraps for now. But there’ll be a little bit of dialogue, a little bit of a story. You know, how Greg Lansky does it, with really pretty sex. We definitely are fans of his work, his cinematography. He just puts a lot into it and it shows, the effort.

“We’re going to have multiple angles and cameras,” she continued. “Like, I hate it when you just see one angle, you miss so much stuff — the girl and the guy may have done really good in the scene, and it would’ve been really hot to catch on camera, but only a fraction is recorded. Like, I recently shot a scene doing a car wash outside. I was rubbing up on it and spraying water and stuff like that, but they only caught part of it. And I was like, damn!”

Mojo affirms angles are key. “My father was into photography and so I learned to appreciate, at a young age, the art of photography,” he said. “I really want to bring back some of those skills I feel are lacking out there. There’s less than a handful making porn that’s truly a pleasure to watch.”

Dolce added, “That’s why I admire people like Greg Lansky and Jules Jordan, because there’s effort and thought put into their work. It’s not like ‘oh, just come wear lingerie and sit on this couch, get fucked, then get the fuck out of here.’”

Nodding, Mojo explained that typical porn shoots are “turn and burn, without quality control — I’ve been appalled by the lack of attention on certain sets.” He elaborated, “I’ve seen things where I want to grab the second camera guy and be like 'shoot this, there’s a second angle you could be using here to great effect!' When you know how to do it the right way and see them doing it wrong, it’s frustrating, where they’re robotic.

“It happens in any industry — whether it’s a doctor or a chef, they lose their passion,” he remarked. “So, I’m really passionate about anything I do, or else I just don’t do it. I’m excited to get started and put out a product that’ll be refreshing. Take ‘Hostel Hoes’ for instance. It’s going to be a grungier kind of look and be pretty much all boy/girl. We want to rent out an actual hostel and have a lot of foreign, international talent paired with top male talent. It’s going to be aggressive and definitely completely different than ‘Kitty Kisser,’ which is going to be the beautiful, fluffy satin sheets kind of lovemaking. The other one’s going to be ‘pound the shit out of her, send her back to fucking Israel.’ You know, wherever the girl is from. That’s what we’re going for.”

Casting-wise for the XXX chorus, Mojo wants to “grab a lot of the younger talent — no offense to the guys that are out there, the Mick Blue types and everybody else who’s in every third fucking scene, but I want to use some of the newer talent that doesn’t get a lot of exposure.

“I like Small Hands, he’s somebody that I’d definitely use,” he added. “There are other people that we’ve talked to about it, that we’re gonna use. But he’s definitely one of the ones we’ve talked to. Seth Gamble, I think he gets a lot of work already and there’s people that don’t. But we want someone that’s good looking like him, that can fuck the shit out of somebody.”

As for which other male maestros will be signed to their label, Dolce said, “We’ve talked about Jean Val Jean. He’s French and gorgeous. With a name like that, you better be!”

Mojo agreed, “He’s probably the hottest guy in porn, no homo. I mean, I’m not attracted to men in the smallest, but he’s got a fucking perfect body. Good looking dude, I give him props. If I was gay, he’d be in trouble. Looks like a male model.”

Of the three series, they anticipate “Humpy My Hubby” will be a chart-topper, given the high demand for Dolce to do boy/girl scenes. “I’ll give a little bit of history about it,” Mojo said. “The whole concept of it came from the demand on her to do boy/girl. See, she hasn’t slept around. I’m the lucky guy. And this goes back to when she was in high school — she’s fucked one guy in high school, then me, that’s it. She has no interest in sleeping around, doing this, doing that.

“Various studios have offered her boy/girl contracts,” he continued. “She’s turned down every single one. So, we decided to do it through our Dolce XXX production company instead, where we can keep it in-house, control how she wants to do it and do it the right way. That way there’s not somebody else determining who she’s fucking, how she’s fucking. It’s her saying ‘this is what I want to do.’”

As for what will distinguish “Hump My Hubby” from similarly-themed fare, Mojo said, “The thing that I think will make ‘Hump My Hubby’ stand out is I’m in my 40s, she’s in her 20s. I’m a very average looking dude when I take my shirt off. It’ll be more realistic — the guy who’s actually jacking off to porn is like ‘oh, that’s cool.’ There’s a market for a middle-aged guy like Mick Blue banging Megan Rain. Because the guy who’s 40 is jacking off to a 19-year-old — he wants to fuck her. Now, it’s an actual wife/husband, and they’re bringing somebody in, so it’s just going to kind of open the floodgates to a bigger audience. The style will be on the high-end of the spectrum.”

Dolce elaborated, “One of the ideas that we had, was we’re rolling up in a nice car, a Rolls Royce, to a liquor store. I get out of the car and we’re both dressed nice. And we go into the store, grab champagne and I see a young schoolgirl type — she’s got little pigtails on and little pink shorts, bending over and grabbing candy. And I smack her on the ass and she goes ‘oh!’ And like, we go to the counter and I’m like ‘so what’re you doing tonight,’ and she’s like ‘well, I have homework and I don’t know… I don’t think I’m gonna be doing anything, what’re you gonna do?’ And then I’m like ‘we’re gonna have some fun’ and slam the champagne bottles down. ‘Come on, you wanna have some fun? Get in the car.’ That’s it in a nutshell!”

Entertainers and hustlers to the bone, Dolce and Mojo are sparing no expense in their orchestral composition, taking instrumental cues from the classics and the greatest hits alike. Aiming for maximum decibels with minimal distortions, their Dolce XXX mashup is sure to hook many a fan. And though the first verses have yet to be fully written, they are poised to make some serious noise. Cue the outro.

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