Yanks.com Releases 2nd of 10 Promotional Infographics

SEATTLE — YanksCash has announced the release of “My Vagina,” their second of ten Yanks.com infographics.

Yanks CMO Todd Spaits said, “Our handwritten model bios have always been popular; however, it was difficult to translate that member asset into a promotional asset. These graphics will do just that. Each one will bring a fun, unique view into a different aspect of the sex lives of the girls of Yanks.”

Upcoming infographics such as “A Day in the Life of a Yanks Girl” and “A Masturbation Herstory” will, Spaits said, “provide entertaining but statistically sound visualizations of what makes our girls tick sexually and how that information in turn makes Yanks such a special site.”

Spaits said, “Combined with a simple discount link to Yanks, the infographics provide an easy-to-use but very rich promotional tool that will stand out like no image, banner or video clip could. Quite simply, our data is unique to us and us alone. There will not be a directly competing creative on your site in this space.” 

The second of ten infographics is available as a high-quality image and PDF in the Creatives section of YanksCash.com.

YanksCash, the affiliate program which manages the adult brands Yanks.com and Clubstroke.net. was established in 2002. YanksCash, a spokesperson said, “strives to be a leader in the adult industry and an example of an ethical adult company. Doing right by our staff, partners and customers is a central value we are committed to maintaining while continuing to grow as a company and as a brand.”

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