Shots Expands Their Pharmquests Collection

AMSTERDAM — Shots has announced some additions to their Pharmquests collection, including a Cannabis Massage Oil and the vaginal moisturizer Splashers.

The Cannabis Massage Oil, according to Shots, “relaxes the body and regenerates the natural flexibility of the skin.” And Splashers, Shots said, “is intended to enhance, ease and comfort intimate sexual activity.”

The China Brush is another new product that has been added to the Pharmquests collection. According to Shots, the China Brush features a small bottle with a brush attached to its cap and provides a “numbing effect for a longer lasting erection.”

Other additions to the Pharmquests collection include the Desensitize spray, which Shots described as “the spray of choice for postponing an orgasm” and the new 250ml version of Squirting Lube, which features a tip allowing direct insertion into the vagina.

Fistit, which is also part of their Pharmquests collection, is now available in a new big jar with 1000ml of lube.

“Especially designed upon request of several retailers, it promises to become an instant hit,” a Shots spokesperson said of the new Fistit jars.

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