Christy Canyon, Sydney Leathers to Discuss Donald Trump on Vivid Radio

LOS ANGELES — Christy Canyon and Sydney Leathers will discuss what Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump would be like as a lover on Vivid Radio. The discussion will take place on “The Christy Canyon Show” on Thurs., Aug. 11 at 12 noon PST.

Leathers made headlines for her involvement in a sexting scandal with former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner, who a candidate for mayor of New York City at the time. Leathers later recreated the scandal in the Vivid Entertainment parody “Sydney Leathers: Weiner & Me.”

Canyon has been hosting “The Christy Canyon Show” on Vivid Radio for almost three years and is the author of “Lights, Camera, Sex!”

Leathers said, “I’m looking forward to discussing what kinks our thin-skinned, porn-hating, poorly spray-tanned presidential wannabe could possibly have. Believe me, I know how these guys are, and Trump’s ego is definitely bigger than his tiny little hands. I’m pretty sure I’ve got his number and the texts he would respond to.”

When Canyon was asked if she would consider a one-night stand with Trump, she replied, “Can I have Melania or the hot daughter instead? Even if they’re not any good, who cares? They’re hot!”

Other Vivid Radio hosts who have weighed in on Trump include Aiden Starr and April Flores. Starr, host of “Diary of a Dominatrix,” said, “Actually, I heard a rumor that this whole campaign is being controlled by Trump’s dominatrix, and he’s humiliating himself on her orders. How is he in bed? However she tells him to be.”

Flores, host of “Voluptuous Life,” said, “I think Trump would be the worst in bed. I imagine him to be selfish, controlling and unimaginative with a gross looking cock.”

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