ePornNetwork Grows With ePornBlog.com and ePornGuide.com

LOS ANGELES — Adult entertainment hub ePornNetwork.com has announced the addition of two sites: ePornBlog.com and ePornGuide.com.

According to a representative for ePornNetwork.com, “ePornBlog.com is dedicated to bringing porn news and highlights from around the Internet to their readers. From the unbelievably wild stories, breaking news and jaw-dropping gossip to in-depth porn star interviews, commentary and more, ePornBlog will not only have the industry reading, but fans of adult entertainment as well.”

Adrian Graciano, owner of ePornNetwork.com, said, “I’m looking to build my network of sites into a trusted resource for fans and the industry. I want it to be seen as having a solid reputation and present something entertaining to an incredible audience.”

The ePornNetwork began in 2014 with ePornList.com, which a spokesperson described as “a unique site that built on the standard directory formula by giving it a fresh take on what readers look for. Linking to more than just porn sites, ePornList.com reached outside the box to include viral hot spots like Reddit porn star AMAs, industry podcasts and radio shows. Now that the site has been well established, the network is branching out.”

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