Nasstoys Features 'My Ten Erection Rings' at ANME

BURBANK — Pleasure product manufacturer Nasstoys unveiled three versions of their new My Ten Erection Rings packs at the recent ANME Founders Show along with their new Maxx Men Clitmaster Cocksleeve. The ANME Founders Show was held in Burbank, Calif. from Jul. 17-19.

My Ten Erection Rings are individually packaged cock rings that come pre-boxed in packages of ten for quick, easy use and disposal. My Ten Erection Rings are available in three different style options: the My Ten Erection Rings Beaded Comfort Ring in black, the My Ten Erection Rings Tight Firm Rings in black, and the My Ten Erection Rings Pre-Lubricated Tight Firm Rings in clear.

“My Ten Erection Rings are product packs that we saw a need for in the market,” said Kathryn Hartman, sales and marketing director for Nasstoys. “Everyone picked up our ten packs of rings at ANME. These are just the right size for the wallet, pocket, glove compartment, nightstand drawer or bathroom cabinet. The packet containing the lubed opaque rings is filled with a palm full of water-based lubricant, eliminating the need to deal with a messy bottle or pillow pack.”

The Maxx Men Clitmaster Cocksleeve is a 100 percent silicone, stretchy half-cocksleeve designed to fit snuggly around the base of the penis; held in place by an equally stretchy band that grip the balls. The Clitmaster Cocksleeve has a spherical nub precisely located to massage and stimulate the clitoris during both foreplay and intercourse. The Maxx Men Clitmaster Cocksleeve is waterproof and is available in both black or blue.

“The Maxx Men Clitmaster Cocksleeve is a product very unique to the market,” Hartman said. “The half-cocksleeve offers both support and acts like a cock ring while simultaneously stimulating a partner.”  

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