XCrave.com Sponsors Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Social wish list site XCrave.com has signed on as a sponsor for the Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s seventh annual Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, to be held Aug. 4-7 in Alexandria, Va. near Washington, D.C.

“We’re honored to be able to support an organization such as Woodhull Freedom Foundation,” said XCrave President/CEO Michael Craven. “Our social wish list setup specifically puts the power of fan interaction directly into the hands of performers and models; a conference such as the Sexual Freedom Summit is in line with our business model to assist those who are confident about their sexuality regardless of gender identity, sexual preference, age, and more. We wish all attendees at the Summit a lovely week in Alexandria and hope everyone comes away with a renewed focus on supporting the work Woodhull does.”

Mandy Farsace, director of Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, said, "We are thrilled that XCrave will be joining us as a product sponsor for this year’s Summit. Their donation will go a long way in thanking our volunteers who keep things running and offer items for our attendees to win with our raffles and door prizes.”

Farsace said, “Supporting the Summit demonstrates the commitment to being a part of real and positive social change and the commitment to advancing and respecting sexual rights as human rights. We thank XCrave for showing their support, and for letting the communities they do business with know that their company’s values and vision are focused on the key issues impacting its customers and constituents.”

XCrave.com recently launched the beta test of their social wish list, which a spokesperson said “protects the privacy of the entertainer’s shipping address and also mitigates chargebacks by including a verification system — which forces the fan to prove that he or she is indeed the person making the purchase. This makes it incredibly difficult for them to later file it as a fraudulent charge on their card; as a result, purchases are guaranteed. The entertainer doesn’t have to worry about being asked to return their gift.”

XCrave’s social wish list, according to a spokesperson, also offers performers “the ability to be their own affiliate marketers. Not only can models and performers suggest their wish list of preferred and favorite items to their fans, they can also earn a percentage of the sale as a commission.”

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For more information on the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook