Mobidea to Hold Workshop at European Summit

PRAGUE — Mobidea, a programmatic affiliate network for media buyers and webmasters, will be holding a workshop at the European Summit in Prague, Czech Republic on Thurs., Sept. 22 at 3 p.m. 

The workshop, titled “Mobile Media Buy: Campaign Optimization Tips,” is described as “an excellent opportunity to better understand the parameters that should be taken into consideration while optimizing a mobile campaign and the impact of each optimization you do.”

Mobidea will be a sponsor of the European Summit, a leading B2B conference for the online adult industry. A four-day event, the European Summit will begin on Sept. 20 and conclude on Sept. 23.

“Mobidea’s Team is very excited to see you at the European Summit and to answer all your questions,” a spokesperson for Mobidea said. “It’s the perfect opportunity to get to meet and greet all people who share a passion for this sexy industry.”

Mobidea said that its platform  “converts your mobile traffic like no other, giving you the possibility to either send it to highly profitable offers or to auto-optimize it by using its Smartlink.”

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