Exxxotica's LGBT Showcase, SW!TCH, to Debut at N.J. Expo

EDISON, N.J. — The Exxxotica Expo has announced that its new LGBT showcase, SW!TCH, will debut as part of Exxxotica New Jersey, to be held at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison from Nov. 4-6.

“We have always prided ourselves on being very inclusive,” said J. Handy, director of Exxxotica. “If there is one thing you learn really quickly producing these events, it is that love and sex know no boundaries. We’ve been waiting for the right time to launch an LGBT-specific program, and we’re really excited to announce that the time is now to do this.”

According to Exxxotica, “Production is already underway with three areas of focus: talent, vendors, and stage acts. Exxxotica is currently seeking gay, lesbian, and transgender talent for the show. Specific marketing and advertising has been designed to deliver the fans of these performers the goods, making it a win-win for all of those involved.”

A large portion of floor space, Exxxotica said, “has been added to accommodate the influx of LGBT exhibitors and sponsors. SW!ITCH’s goal is to have the widest possible variety of products and services available to the LGBT community.”

Exxxotica also said that SW!TCH will “introduce new and exciting stage and seminar acts in addition to an already exciting schedule being produced.”

To secure booth space and sponsorships, contact Exxxotica at sales@3xevents.com.

“Sex isn’t a four-letter word,” Exxxotica said. “And neither is gay." 

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