Nutaku Launches $2 Million Adult Gaming Investment Fund

MONTREAL — Startup adult game publisher Nutaku has announced the creation of a $2 million investment fund open to independent developers with projects featuring sexual content. The initiative is aimed at expanding the adult gaming industry and providing additional options for studios looking to bring games with mature themes to the market.

“Creators whose projects involve content too hot for Steam have traditionally struggled to receive funding for their work,” said Robert Mann, a Nutaku spokesperson. “Now, due to the tremendous enthusiasm shown by players towards uncensored games, Nutaku is ready to reinvest a portion of its own success into studios with promising proposals. We intend to raise the quantity of adult games to a level commensurate with consumer demand.”

Nutaku will begin accepting proposals for funding immediately, including those from established studios interested in incorporating 18+ content into existing work. Popular titles of the RPG, action, management, or rogue-like genres are specifically mentioned as areas ripe for adult game development, as demonstrated by the success of localized Japanese games from these genres already being sold on their site.

Nutaku’s library of adult games includes such titles as “Aigis: Millennium War,” a tower defense game, and the adventure-RPG “Sakura Dungeon.” 

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