'SDR Show' Announces It Is 'Going 360'

NEW YORK — “The SDR Show,” hosted by comedian Big Jay Oakerson and radio personality Ralph Sutton, has announced that it is “going 360” and will be inviting listeners to “be a part of the show every Monday night.” The podcast features performers in both mainstream and adult entertainment.

“What do we mean by ‘going 360’?,” Sutton said. “It means you can either strap on your VR glasses, like Gear VR, HTC Vive, or Google Cardboard, or even just your phone or computer, and head to (our YouTube channel). There, you will be able to watch the show as if you were sitting on the fourth microphone.”

“The SDR Show” said, “For those without a VR headset, listeners can still watch the show in 360 2D.” 

Sutton said, “Use your VR glasses to watch the show, and as you move your head, the video moves with you. Or you can watch us with a regular phone or computer. On a non-VR setup, just move around the scene with your finger, or hold it and move the phone around you, and it'll move with you.” 

According to Sutton, “You can feel like you’re in the room with us, and see the entire show from whatever angle you want. Wanna stare at Big Jay's dreamy eyes for 20 minutes? Go right ahead. Wanna see if you can find the scars where the bolts were removed from Ralph's neck? Stare away. Wanna focus on the guests? Wanna look down at the floor because hot girls make you shy? That's now completely your prerogative.”

For more information on “The SDR Show,” visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.