iWantCustomClips Flooded With Applications From Models

CHEYENNE, Wy. — iWantCustomClips.com has reported that it has been “flooded with e-mails and clips from applicants around the world” in response to a contest and a recent notice seeking models for the site. 

“We’re overwhelmed with the amount of models applying to be part of the team,” said Jay Phillips, vice president of iWantCustomClips.com. “We’re still accepting applications until Aug. 15 and hope even more models will apply. And we’ve made the contest even easier to understand with a new blog on our site.”

To enter the contest, models must be registered with iWantCustomClips.com and send a video or e-mail about why should be picked to pickme@iwantcustomclips.com. The five best applications will win, and winners will be announced seven to ten days after the contest closes.  

Once the Elite Model Team is chosen, each model must continue to offer custom clips, give iWantCustomClips.com feedback on how to make the site better, put their iWantCustomClips.com link in their Twitter bio, tweet out that iWantCustomClips.com is their preferred custom clips site, and make two 30-second videos for customers and models.

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