Alexa Tomas Featured in Virtual Taboo's 'Fuck Me, or I Tell Your Wife'

BARCELONA — Alexa and Joel Tomas are featured in Virtual Taboo's latest virtual reality release "Fuck Me, or I Tell Your Wife."

In "Fuck Me, or I Tell Your Wife," Alexa Tomas portrays a nurse to her real-life husband Joel Tomas. The feature is the first of three separate virtual reality films starring Alexa Tomas to be released by Virtual Taboo, with an intimate solo and female POV scene yet to come.

Virtual Taboo’s Marcos Lopez said, "It was really great working with Joel and Alexa as a couple. They have a lot of connection and are really experienced professional actors. They made the shooting very easy for us."

Describing the differences between the virtual reality scenes that were shot, Lopez said, “Every one of the three scenes has a different flair. In the hospital scene with Joel, we focused on lust and extortion. The solo movie focuses heavily on intimacy and sensuality, which was easy to achieve with a performer like Alexa. And in her POV scene, we tried to shoot a VR video from a female perspective that a woman might enjoy watching, adding sensuality without being too soft.”

Lopez said, “I feel like women may also like to see harder action as long as it's not violent or degrading in nature. We're doing some research, and we think we are starting to identify elements that women may enjoy watching in VR porn. And we really want to strive towards incorporating some of these ideas into future releases for those that might be interested in viewing adult VR content from a female point of view." gave "Fuck Me, or I Tell Your Wife" a ten rating, saying, “There was little wasted time on positioning that did not play well to the camera in VR over 30 minutes, and that is what I want to see personally as a VR porn consumer. 10/10. If you love Alexa Tomas, just get ‘Fuck Me or I Tell Your Wife.’ You will enjoy it."

The remaining two completed scenes with Alexa Tomas will appear on Virtual Taboo's website in the coming month.

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