XBIZJobs.net Now Offering Hire Bundle Program

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Eddie Kreider, CRO of XBIZJobs.net, has announced that they will start providing job posting and private recruitment services together under their new hire bundle program.

Kreider said, “A good amount of our clients have been asking for this kind of option where they could post their openings and also, still be able to take advantage of the private recruitment option as well. So we came up with the new hire bundle.”

This new option will give hiring companies a more comprehensive cross-section of candidates so they can be sure they are making the best choice when hiring their future employee(s). 

The hiring company will have their jobs posted on XBIZJobs.net for a fee. Ads will remain up for 60 days. Resumes through the job postings will be sent directly to the hiring company for their review and consideration. Simultaneously, a private recruitment search will be performed coinciding with the hiring company’s job posting.

If a qualified candidate is found from the private search before the hiring company finds a qualified candidate from their job posting, the posting fee would be subtracted from the recruitment fee — which is paid once the candidate is hired. The recruitment fee is more than 50 percent less than a mainstream recruiter’s fee. The new hire from the private search is covered for the first 90 days; if they need to be replaced, this will be done at no additional charge to the hiring company.

XBIZJobs.net is the adult industry's premier job board and recruitment service, uniting business professionals with growing companies seeking top talent within the cams, dating, mobile, traffic, novelty and retail markets. 

Open positions are currently in the United States and Canada as well as Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Hungary.

For information on job openings, job postings or recruitment on XBIZJobs.net, contact eddie@xbizjobs.net.

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