CalExotics Moves to Prevent Counterfeits

LOS ANGELES — Susan Colvin, founder and CEO of CalExotics, has announced that the pleasure products company is taking aggressive measures to “protect consumers from counterfeit products.” 

“Over the past 24 months, the CalExotics brand has come under many threats,” Colvin said. “One significant threat is that of counterfeit products claiming to be our products and brands. Last year, CalExotics started a massive undertaking to protect the brand and associated intellectual property from infringement by enforcing (our) intellectual property rights around the world.”

CalExotics, according to Colvin, has met with the U.S. Consumer Protection Agency “about the importation of counterfeit products in addition to working through additional legal means.”

“CalExotics is making sure that every product that uses the intellectual property of CalExotics is authentic and maintains the strict standards of quality on which CalExotics has built its reputation,” Colvin said. “As CalExotics takes additional steps to protect consumers from counterfeit products, the company is working with various digital marketplaces to prevent and control misrepresentations.” 

In order to combat counterfeiting, Colvin said she “encourages every reseller of its products to take a few steps to ensure that they are properly representing CalExotics.”

First, Colvin said, “only purchase CalExotics products from a CalExotics distributor.”

Second, Colvin said, “When advertising products or listing them for sale, please only use CalExotics trademarks — e.g. Jack Rabbit, Butterfly Kiss — in relation to CalExotics products.”

Third, Colvin said, “If a product is listed on Amazon, please only list the product under the legitimate CalExotics ASIN. For your convenience, we have provided a comprehensive list of all legitimate CalExotics ASINs. Please verify that all your products are listed under the correct ASIN/item as provided in the spreadsheet. If you do not have the correct ASIN, please choose the correct ASIN and de-list the old one via Seller Central.”

And fourth, Colvin said, “Register as an online reseller with CalExotics so that you can be included in any direct communications that may involve our products.”

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