Centerfold Strips Reports Growing Demand for 'Little-People Strippers'

NEW YORK — The exotic dancer service Centerfold Strips has reported a growing demand for small-sized or little-people strippers.

Danny, office manager of Centerfold Strips, said, “The response has been unprecedented. Since we started booking little-people entertainers, we have been inundated with requests to book them. We are now getting more calls and requests for little-people strippers than regular size exotic dancers.

According to Centerfold Strips, the growing demand for little-people strippers has a lot to do with the fact that “most people have already hired and experienced regular size strippers, so they are looking to do something different. In addition, in some situations, it may be necessary to keep the overtone of the party less sexual and more fun, so novelty entertainment is the best solution.”

Little people who work in strip clubs, Centerfold Strips said, are likely to have other duties in addition to stripping.

“Not only do they strip, but can also host, serve drinks, appetizers, and even bartend at any type of function,” Centerfold Strips said. “Many of the little people entertainers have various fun costumes, including Oompa Loompa, Mini Me, leprechaun, elf, court jester, Elvis, and even a Mexican costume complete with poncho and a sombrero filled with chips and dip so they can be a moving cocktail table.”

The exotic dancer circuit even has a small-sized Kiss cover band, according to Centerfold Strips.

“One of the acts provided is a band called Mini Kiss, a group of little people that dress up in full Kiss costumes and makeup and perform the classic Kiss songs live in concert,” Centerfold Strips said.

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