XCrave.com Launches Social Wish List Beta

LAS VEGAS — Online lingerie and pleasure products retailer XCrave.com has launched a beta test of its social wish list. Models, performers and other entertainers and public figures are invited to apply to test the latest upgrade offered by the e-commerce site.

“XCrave’s social wish list tackles many of the problems experienced by our competitors,” said Michael Craven, president and CEO of XCrave. “Other, similar setups which offer a way for entertainers to receive gifts from their fans and supporters offer privacy in terms of shipping addresses, but are experiencing a high rate of chargebacks — which means the entertainer receiving a high-ticket item as a gift often also experiences a request from the wish list site to return the item when there’s been a chargeback. This leaves a bad taste in the entertainer’s mouth, and a negative experience all around if the entertainer chooses to keep her gift and not honor a request for a return.”

Security is a high priority for XCrave.

Craven said, “XCrave’s social wish list setup protects the privacy of the entertainer’s shipping address, and also mitigates chargebacks by including a verification system, which forces the fan to prove that he or she is indeed the person making the purchase. This makes it incredibly difficult for them to later file it as a fraudulent charge on their card; as a result, purchases are guaranteed, the entertainer doesn’t have to worry about being asked to return their gift, and everyone is happy — which is what gift-giving is all about.”

In addition to state-of-the-art privacy settings and chargeback protections, XCrave’s social wish list setup also offers entertainers the ability to be their own affiliate marketers. Not only can models and performers suggest their wish list of preferred and favorite items to their fans, but also, they can also earn a percentage of the sale as a commission.

Entertainers interested in beta testing XCrave’s social wishlist setup may apply by visiting this link.

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