DIMOCO Named Leading A2P SMS Vendor in ROCCO Report

VIENNA — DIMOCO Messaging was named a leading A2P messaging provider in the latest industry report from the telecom consulting company ROCCO.

DIMOCO ranked seventh among the top 50 service providers for roaming and interconnection by mobile network operators in ROCCO's "Customer Service Report 2016." DIMOCO scored 80 percent in 18 specific key performance indicators (KPIs) for customer service.

ROCCO surveyed more than 500 mobile network operators globally for the customer service report. Respondents considered KPIs specific to customer service in three broad categories: care, capability and quality. DIMOCO was awarded four out of five stars in all three essential areas.

"At DIMOCO Messaging, we are committed to working hard to strengthen our services and build strong customer relationships," said Mathias Höllerl, managing director of DIMOCO Messaging. "We are very proud to be listed in the latest ROCCO report as a result of our continuous work and efforts to provide the highest service and support standards while helping our customers to communicate on a truly global scale."

DIMOCO was also named as a leading player in ROCCO's "A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report 2016." That survey's methodology featured responses from 192 mobile network operators (MNOs), representing 260 MNOs — including seven group MNOs — in 188 countries on over 35 performance and leadership KPIs.

DIMOCO Messaging is a leading A2P SMS provider, offering outbound messaging products to enable clients to communicate from their enterprise applications to billions of consumers across the globe.

The full ROCCO reports are available at this link.

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