IWantCustomClips.com Seeks 5 Models to Join Their Team

CHEYENNE, Wy. — IWantCustomClips.com is seeking five models to join their team. Models can be adult film stars, fetish performers and/or cam models.

To be considered, one must be registered with IWantCustomClips.com. If chosen, other requirements would include giving IWantCustomClips.com feedback about the site, putting a link to the site on one’s Twitter and website, tweeting that IWCC is one’s preferred custom clip site a certain amount of times daily, and making two 30-second videos — one for models, and a second one for customers encouraging them to use IWCC.

Members of IWantCustomClips.com’s model team, a spokesperson said, “get more than just elite status. They get 110 percent of all their clip sales — that’s an extra 10 percent that IWCC will pay you. They will also get a sign-on bonus of $300.” Models will also have signing opportunities at trade show booths.

To apply to be part of the model team, IWantCustomClips.com said, “write and/or send a video of why IWCC is the best custom clip site and why IWCC should pick you to pickme@iwantcustomclips.com. The five most convincing models with written or video testimonials will win. A decision will be made on Aug. 15 and announced within seven to ten days.”

“IWCC is one of the fastest growing custom clips sites out there,” said Jay Phillips, vice president of IWantCustomClips.com. “We’re excited about picking a new model team for another one of our successful products, and hope we will get a lot of submissions for the contest.”

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