Bizarre Announces 3 Penthouse Titles

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Bizarre Video has announced the release of three Penthouse titles that it is distributing: “Wet Panty Fantasies,” “Lesbian Anonymous” and “Sisters From Another Mister.”

Describing “Wet Panty Fantasies,” Bizarre Video said, “Foreplay so hot, these panties melt right off — cumming at you in HD with bonus features. You’re going to get an all around view from the hottest sluts in Penthouse. Girl-on-girl action with dildo-pumping attitude, and dripping wet lace.”

Bizarre Video said of “Lesbian Anonymous,” “There’s no making amends on this 12-step addiction, only sucking your way deeper into the hole. Gather around for the sexiest support group of Lesbian Anonymous, shot in HD with yours truly Penthouse. In this slutty prayer, there is only the courage to want it, get it, and take it hard. Bottoms up, boys and girls, partake in this liquid joy.”

Bizarre Video, describing “Sisters From Another Mister,” said, “This sexy reunion between faux-sibs becomes a potluck of sex. Just the idea of being related gets these girls in a feeding frenzy. Pumping iron fuels the fantasy for his buff cock and his cardio-tastic tongue.”

Bizarre is also distributing “Interracial Sexcapades” from Climax Films. Bizarre Video said of the release, “There’s no hole left undone here, as this playground of pussy licking, cock sucking, and penetrating satisfaction will certainly leave you gyrating and wanting to fulfill your fantasies of three.”

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