Political Gag Gifts From Pipedream Available at Williams Trading

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Williams Trading Co. is stocking a full assortment of political gag gifts and impulse items from Pipedream Products.

“Right in our own backyard, the Democratic National Convention is going to take place in Philadelphia, Jul. 25-28th,” said Rich Pyne, VP of Internet sales for Williams Trading Co. “Now is the time to stock up on these candidate favorites.”

Pipedream’s Pipedream's Donald Chump blow up doll, Williams Trading Co. said, “takes a not-at-all subtle swipe at a certain POTUS hopeful. Retailers are encouraged to create a presidential profit center in their stores with Donald Chump by featuring other Pipedream political gag gifts, including the Blow-Up Barack Presidential Love Doll, Beatin’ Barack Wind-Up, Wind-Up Wackin’ Willy, Horny Hillary Love Doll and Wind-Up, and the Republican Front Runner Wind-Up.”

Erin Viereck, marketing and vendor liaison for Williams Trading Co., said, “Adult retailers can take advantage of this election year by creating a political profit center of impulse items in their store. Impulse items can increase each individual sale by as much as 10 percent over the originally planned purchase. More impulse items by the register can help retailers make more money.”

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