'Womanizer' Collection Now Available at Honey's Place

LOS ANGELES — Honey’s Place is now shipping the entire Womanizer collection, including the original Womanizer Delight W100 and the new advanced Deluxe W500. 

“The Womanizer is a product that is very unique from any other product that is currently on the market,” a spokesperson for Honey’s Place said. “With its silicone attachments that circle and cradle the clitoris, The Womanizer uses suction for its pleasure source. With its PleasureAir technology, The Womanizer gives women a unique clitoral stimulation that can have women experiencing orgasms in less than 60 seconds. The Womanizer also allows women to explore, play and discover how their bodies react to indirect stimulation. Women are then able to share this knowledge with their partners to spice things up and to take their relationship to the next level.”

The Womanizer has been featured in major women’s magazines such as Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan.

The W100 Delight model features five functions with varying levels of intensity, four hours of pleasure, USB charging and exchangeable stimulation heads for different clitoral sensations. It is available in three prints and colors at Honey’s Place.

“We are excited to be able to offer our customers The Womanizer,” said Kyle Tutino, director of purchasing for Honey’s Place. “The Womanizer built a brand around a unique product that customers will ask for by name.” 

Bonnie Feingold, president and CEO of Honey’s Place, said, “The popularity of The Womanizer is widespread and consumer-driven. We know that The Womanizer will bring consumers to their retail stores. The unique and forward-thinking technology sets the Womanizer apart from most pleasure products. The Womanizer compliments the diverse assortment of items that we already carry.” 

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