YNOT Offers Webcam Tips With YNOTCam.com

HOUSTON — YNOT is encouraging webcam models to check out YNOTCam.com, a resource described by a spokesperson as “run by women who know the challenges of camming and the solutions.”

“We’ve created a no-holds-barred resource that’s upbeat and helpful for cammers, not another platform for sales pitches disguised as insight,” said Kathee Brewer, editor-in-chief for parent company YNOT Group. “We’ll give you the inside scoop from performers who’ve been there, done that, so you can make informed decisions about what’s right for you.” 

YNOTCam, according to YNOT, “delivers tips and tricks to make camming lucrative: how do I turn free-show watchers into paying customers? Should I work with a camming company or go independent? What niches are popular, and how do I get in on that action? Where do I find the equipment I need without blowing my budget?”

YNOT said, “With advice from successful performers, business experts, and professionals with indispensable knowledge about all sorts of related fields — wardrobe and makeup pros, photographers, trendsetters — YNOTCam is the go-to reference for anything and everything cammers need to stay ahead of the curve.”

Brewer said, “There are no dumb questions, and no subject is off limits. We’re real people, and we really want to see you succeed. Get in touch with me personally and tell me how we can help. I promise we’ll find you real answers.”

For more information on YNOT, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.