Vendo Hosting 4th Annual 100-Day Fitness Challenge

Vendo Hosting 4th Annual 100-Day Fitness Challenge
Rhett Pardon

BARCELONA — Payment processor Vendo on Friday began hosting its fourth annual “100-Day Challenge.”

Vendo’s Mitch Platt, founder of the “100-Day Challenge,” called the event, “the best 100 days of the year.”

“It is so awesome to see so many people moving their butts and getting out of their sedentary routines,” Platt said. “Sometimes it takes a little competition to make our lives a little better.”

The objective of the “100-Day Challenge” is to complete the following sets of exercises on a daily basis for 100 days: 

  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 100 squats 
  • 100 situps and 
  • 100 pushups 

“What do you win?” asked Platt. “The honor and self-satisfaction of completing the challenge! The muscles of getting in great shape and probably some bragging rights too.”

Sustainable eco-friendly jacket company Hoodlamb will provide great prizes for winners of the challenge.

Clement of, who has participated in the challenge since its founding, said: “I love the social aspect of the challenge. I think that's the thing that really makes it fun and keeps it going, it’s just kind of being able to jab each other once in a while, have something to talk about other than the weather”.

The challenge is open to anyone in the industry. Prospective participants can join here